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It's Actually Happening!

It's happening! It’s actually happening! Here I am writing a post for my YASC blog.  Somehow this adds a new element of reality to it all.  As of today I have known my placement for a week.  For those of you I haven't had the pleasure of telling yet, I will be spending the upcoming year in Liverpool, England working with the Liverpool Cathedral and Liverpool Parish Church.  That's just about all I know right now but I still could not be more excited to go and serve!
I spend so much time stressing out about not knowing but now I realize that the timing could not have been better.  I have been at the beach with my family for the past few days and having this time to fully process what this means has been a blessing.  I’ve been able to sit down and reflect on how I feel about what is coming, and then sit down a day later and think about it again with a new perspective.  There is this odd mixture of calm, excitement, and fear that I have been living in for the past month and …