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A Man Twice My Height, With a Booming Voice

First and foremost here is a more logistical update:
I will be departing for Liverpool around September 10th-12th.  Once I am there I will be working with the Diocese, Cathedral, and St. Luke’s Church with a focus on social justice, church in an urban context, leading small groups, families and children in a parish, and fundraising.  These updates are so exciting and as my departure date gets closer and closer the reality of the amazing work I will be doing sinks in even more.

On a totally different note, I have been trying to figure out what to say for my next blog post.  I’ve worked on one for a while but it still doesn’t feel quite ready.  So while that post simmers on the back burner I’ll turn to something else that I think plays an important part in my decision to go on this journey.  
Our personal history does not define us but it it does have a lasting effect.  Middle school religion class is not something that most people might identify as a game changer.
In my case it was.  As …

Let Me Introduce You To My Fellow Missionaries!

So I'm cooking dinner tonight for the family! It's gonna taste awesome, but at the moment I am waiting for my sauce to thicken. So while my cooking is put on pause I thought I'd pause in my personal story and introduce you to the rest of the 2016 Young Adult Service Corps. I just finished spending two weeks at Holy Cross Monastery with these amazing people and even though we will be going to different places I know that they will all be there to support me whenever I need it.
I guess the best way to do this is to just pick one and start.
Mitch and Eli are both going to Haiti! Mitch will be teaching English and will be a boss at it. He is a hard worker who wants to understand as much as he can about something and asks questions that don’t even occur to me. He is comfortable to fly solo when he needs to but makes any group that he is a part of that much more fun. He and Eli will be together in Haiti but won't be doing the same work. Eli, who doesn't have a mean bone in…