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When Lambeth Feels Normal

Its funny when you realize what has become your new normal.  A year ago, I would have been telling the world that I was going to London for an event at Lambeth Palace.  But there I was on the train feeling completely unphased by my destination.  I have lived in Liverpool for over a year now, and I will be here until next September.  These feeling of normalcy doesn’t mean that I have lost perspective on how blessed I am to even be in this position, but it is nice to be so comfortable where I am.
Today I am on my way to the launch of the Clewer Initiative, which is a new program meant to combat human trafficking and modern day slavery.  In November we will host an evaluation event for Liverpool Diocese that will steer our work on this topic as we help to pilot this program.  We will talk about how human trafficking and modern slavery manifest in the Liverpool City Region and what we as the church can do to both aid in the work already being done and bring this egregious matter to the fo…

Good News at a Bad Time

Because of the unforeseen circumstance of my grandmother’s passing, this announcement has been expedited and is happening a little differently than I would have liked.  But oh well I guess that is how life goes, and while this isn’t the best time, it is still good news.   I have been asked and have agreed to extend my time in Liverpool for a second year.  I am extremely excited about this and about continuing the work that I have been doing.  What this also means is that I will be returning home for a few weeks.  This time is meant for vacation but also to raise money for my second year.  Originally the plan was that I would come home in July, but with my grandmother’s funeral being this next Tuesday, it makes sense for everyone, if I take my ‘time home’ at the same time.  So what does this mean.  Well I am happy that my time has been extended, happy that I get some time at home, nervous about fundraising again, and sad about the circumstances that have caused this process to be topsy …